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Any vehicle, when upgraded with ballistic steel/materials, in its opaque areas including the body & doors, the transparent areas like wind shields, door windows etc. with ballistic glass, and other upgrades like suspensions, brakes etc. so as to accommodate and balance the additional weight of the armour is known as an armoured vehicle. Armoured vehicles are broadly categorised into military vehicles and civilian vehicles.

Armoured military vehicles are used for peace keeping, combat or military operations and they require customised heavy duty armour. This will be built for multi passengers aided with advanced communication devices and tactical warfare weapons, often requiring off road usage.

Armoured Civilian vehicles are normally modified OEM vehicles like Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser, Armoured Toyota Hilux, Armoured Lexus, Armoured Chevrolet Suburban, Armoured Nissan Patrol, Armoured Toyota Coaster Buses, Armored Toyota Camry. Armoured Toyota Avalon, Armoured GMC Savana etc.

The basic objective of the Civilian Armoured vehicles is to enable quick escape from a place of unexpected threats, unlike the common belief that these types of armoured vehicles are safe for withstanding or resisting any possible threats associated.
The advantage of an armoured civilian vehicle is that it is very discrete, so no one can easily visually recognise it to be an armoured vehicle, unless by close physical examination.
Yes, the suspension of the vehicle will be upgraded to compensate the additional weight added due to armouring. Run flats are inserted on all the tyres including the spare tyre, enabling the vehicle to be maneuvered to another 70-80 Km after the tyre is shot, at an average speed of about 60 mph.
The armoured vehicles manufactured or supplied by Shell Armored Vehicles are as per the International CEN levels or NIJ standards.

Our Armoured Vehicles are certified by Beschussamt Munich Germany as per international standards. Also Shell Armoured Vehicles provides international ballistic certifications of all the materials used in the armouring process like suspension kits, run flats, ballistic steel, ballistic glass etc.

If protection is the ultimate objective of an armoured vehicle people are usually ready to compromise on aesthetics, but if protection is guaranteed without any compromise on the aesthetics of the armoured vehicle, you can say it is the perfect icing on your cake.

An armoured vehicle will be safer if it has a superior design and uses minimal welding joints. Shell Armoured Vehicles ensures that all the armoured vehicles sold are designed with perfection without any compromise on quality, safety and aesthetics with the usage of minimum welding as far as possible. Therefore, you can tell from the build quality and the aesthetics that the armoured vehicle is from Shell Armoured Vehicles.

Kindly be in touch with any of our experienced and friendly Sales Managers/Sales Consultants, they can guide you to choose an option that perfectly suits your requirements.

Shell Armored Vehicles can manufacture and supply B4/B5/B6/B7 levels along with any other customised requirements like B4+/B5+/B6+/B7+ etc.

B6 armoured vehicles are sold most, followed by B7 and B4 levels.

For civilian use, armoured SUV’s are preferred by our customers over sedans.

The documentation can be completely taken care of by our dedicated team members, kindly contact our experienced and friendly Sales Managers/Sales Consultants for further information. Shell Armored Vehicles can ship/air lift armoured vehicles to any part of the globe as per the requirements. Currently we provide armored vehicles to about 44 countries across the world.
If you are concerned about your protection even when you are not traveling, or if you have to be physically present without your armored vehicle in a strife prone area, a bullet proof vest would be a great idea. Wearing it ensures your safety while getting into and alighting from the armored vehicles, or while being close to the possibility of threat.
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